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November 13, 2012
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An  Old Water Queen by Cabbion An  Old Water Queen by Cabbion
Aguas favorite healing pool. She's also standing on the water, not in it.

Aguas © ~Angrymonkey2489

Vaporeon © Pokemon
Pokemon © Nintendo

Art © Me
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Angrymonkey2489 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Before we start on the epic journey of why I am typing this: Zephyr, do feel safe, we have another hag onboard. And she's not a Furry-- she happens to be an old Pokemon who's much older than her sister Ellie, the Espeon. With the only Poke hag onboard (if only Glacy made fun of her) she still tries her best to feel and appear younger than she natrually is.

But how does she keep her yougthful look? Well, the answer is easy: she goes to her hidden pond deep into the forest, a pond where she can swim and stand on while she heals her wounds or heal any abonormalities. Stand on water? Well, of course! She has mastered the art of water moves; or in this case, her S.T.A.B. move helps her out master the water moves in half the speed. Of course, it's not just Aguas who can go near their special place to heal. Other Eevees have their own unique STAB areas where they can rest and heal. Luna preferes to be inside the darkest of basements or a box. Or Leefy who goes inside his favorite tall grass to sit and heal. But how does Ellie do it when there's not physic around? Simple, she can rest on Alexi's lap or anybody who's smart to heal. Glacy in her freezer, Jolt near a electrical generator, etc. An Eevee's favorite spot that goes with their same type.

When Aguas was just an Eevee pup she feared that she would remain and end up like Feebas, the ugliest Pokemon in existence. Her dream, on the other hand, was to become a water Pokemon just like Milotic. During her childhood she wanted to find a Trainer who would keep her and find her a Water Stone to evolve. Once that's done she would abandon her trainer. However, the young Trainers feared the Russian Eevee and denied her from being kept. But later in life she evolved into a beautiful Vaporeon and from there she had to avoid almost every trainer she saw. But, what does this have to do with the pond? Well, the pond is always used for her to heal after she encounters a trainer who wanted to catch her. She is that beautiful yet hard to catch-- she can even avoid Ultra Balls and strike at the trainer. With that done, the pond also recharges her powers. She can evade, get hurt, heal up, repeat until she and her sister find a safe haven.

Skip a months later when the Eevee sisters get to the mansion and goes to sleep on top of the bright water which shines when she's healing herself. But as soon as she closes her eyes she hears a yell from another Eevee. And then another. And YET another one that was closer to her! Aguas getting annoyed she opens her eyes. It did not take long as she notices that she is not on her own pond. She looks around and noticed that she on the countryside with other Eevees running away in on direction. It took her a while to figure out something was not right...she looks down at her now brown paws. An Eevee? She couldn't be an Eevee-- Pokemon can't reverse evolution. Before she finds out what is really going on, her sister, an Eevee, came up to her.

"Aguas what are you doing?" She yelled, Aguas noticed her sister's fearful face. Before Aguas could say anything a panicing Eevee bumps onto them both, forcing them to run off into the open fields. While running Aguas turns her head to look behind her. There were a band of cowboys riding their Rapidashes, and they were catching the Eevees with their lassos and Pokeballs. To aid their catch they have Mighyenas who can easily catch the Eevees. However, the Eevees were not in any danger in the first place, they were merely getting caught for a competition that the cowboys had made up in their community. Aguas ran with her sister down the forest. As they other cowboys could not follow the Mightyenas continued to catch up. Aguas and Ellie finally met their match: they had stopped before they fell off a huge cliff and down into the river below. The two Eevee sister were about to take another route but a Mighyena caught up to the sisters. Ellie took her chance and tackles her sister off the cliff and into the river below. Of course, Aguas remembers falling and blanking out. Who knows on how long the fall lasted. Aguas thought the fall would had lasted longer.

It didn't take long before she regained consiouness. What was her sister thinking? They could of been killed! As soon as she struggled to get up she tries to find a pond. Her priority was to find her sister. "Aguas..." she said weakly. But it didn't take long before she found her sister with another green figure who she thought kidnapped her. Aguas tried to crawl to her but the green figure is too fast and escapes in a flash. Aguas kept on crawling until she found a pond where she can fall into it and give up the rescue. It was a few hours later that she wakes up recovered from the pond. She gets up and yelled out for her sister. She left her pond and went searching into the forest.

"Where could she be? I saw a...a green figure take her away." Aguas began to freak out as she thought she wont see her sister again. Aguas kept walking down the path until she saw a strangle building ahead. She shakes her head and noticed that this building appeared haunted. Somewhere inside that house a name was calling for her: "...Aguas....heeelp..." it was a slow eerie voice; it definently sounded like Ellie. With no time to waste she heads inside to see if she can find her sister. Not before long she finds herself facing a door that opened by itself. Aguas enters slowly. The door slammed behind her. Aguas looked around to see if there's any light around but, alas, it was just her and a dark void. The eerie Ellie voice began to yell out: "GET--" but the voice was cut off mid sentence, as if she was silenced. Aguas began to walk towards the source of the voice before it was cut off. It didn't take long before Ellie's face, ten times bigger than Aguas's body, appears above her. The voice yelled out: "GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!" And then Ellie's mouth opens wide and moves towards Aguas. Not before long Aguas body falls over and lands on water.

Aguas opens her eyes and she noticed somebody familiar: "Aguas? You ok?" Ellie, the Espeon, said. Aguas is laying on her back when she woke up to the real world. Aguas had the nightmare because Ellie placed her paw inside the healing water, which tampered and contaminated the healilng process. Ellie's weak against Dark, the othe reason the void was there.

But Aguas gets up shrugs it off: "Please, never been better."


Aguas does seem to enjoy herself on that water "bed" of hers. Brighter than the moonlight and under the moon too, it's a beautiful set piece. I still continue to enjoy coming back to look at this drawing everytime I think and write the comment.

The other part of the beautiful coloring is Aguas herself; I do like Vaporeon and I see that you did an epic job on making her both pretty and... *coughs* old. Aguas does try her best to stay young but who knows... Uiu might help her out some time later... :XD:

Overall, I want to print this drawing some time, it's still enjoyable ;A;
Cabbion Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Aguas has had a pretty dramatic past or was it just all an dream? Either way, she has been threw with it and she uses her pool to hide all that past drama. Hmm but, I never knew Ellie was younger than her... she really is an old hag! Jolt and Glacy would probably be the ones to bring that up all the time. So then we would have the older auntie trying to get back at them and Luna being hit at just because he's in the way.

I like the idea on the Aguas healing pool makes her appear and even feel younger. To me, I believe she is the second oldest of all the Eevee's, Leefy being the oldest. I also like the idea of them all having a different elemental heal spot for themselves, Ellie's being the funniest: she lays in the lap of any smart person! But I think there is one you forgot, Flare. I picture him laying in a furnace or somewhere that is really hot like near geysers. I wonder do other Eevees of the same element try to use our Eevee's healing spots? Dem Russians wont go for it but maybe Flare is a bit more generous. XD

Still I can see that you are putting more and more effort into these, far better than last year. I guess we are both growing just Aguas being able to control both her beauty and youth. And maybe just maybe, Uiu will make her younger but then all of them (older Eevees) will want to be young. Just like Rahge with Soven, Leefy will want to be young again so that he can with stand his older son's hits more and do more damage himself. XD

Which will you do next? I have a hunch but, I can be wrong. Any one of the pics that has some sort of scene and/ or OC stuff going on... Those are the best to read on! And before I forget, Thank you.

(P.S Dun waste too much colored ink.)
Angrymonkey2489 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The story was something I had in both a dream and part of what I saw on the drawing. Aguas just likes to try to be what all water Pokémon are trying to do: stay young. Of course, with the help of Uiu's magic pencil she can revert back to being as old or even younger than Luna. Oh boy, her powers of S.T.A.B. will get the best of her nephews, XDDD

As for last year's comments that I never really brainstormed at all, nor did I use a plan. Mostly improvised and not enough thought was put. This year, however, I used up a page to brainstorm most of the story comments. This one happened to be one of my favorites =P

I continue to thank you for enjoying the comments I had made so far =P

Watch out for moar! D8>
Cabbion Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
So the story was based on an dream huh? Well that's different, we usually make RPs out of dreams. XD And it took it further than what I said on healing, keeps her young.

Also if Uiu were to help her to become young again doesn't mean Aguas's stubborn nephews will let her push them around. Luna still being incredibly strong willed with defenses of a damn steel type. Luna having the best Def. and Sp. Def out all Eevees with good HP. Also being the rp and Russian, of course his stats are better than other Umbreons, he wont go down easily. As for Jolt, his Def. is his worst but Speed, Sp. def and Sp. Attack is good, dun get zapped Agaus. LOL But being an Russian herself, she won't give up easily. XD
Glacy would just watch. owo

And awww, the wittle monkey brainstormed, isn't that just so precious?! But yes, brainstorming lets them brain juices flow more ideas and imagination.
Angrymonkey2489 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aguas, regardless of how young and powerful she will be, will try to play/fight her nephews, even if she faints first one a one versus two battle. Unless Ellie helps her out, at least to fend off Jolt. LOL Another wait for the RP! :D

And also, I now brainstorm, it keeps these stories orginized and FAAAR better than me trying to improvise. Like Rahge with Soven, he improvised his childhood. If only he didn't abuse him too much... :C
Cabbion Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
Luna: "She can have an Legendary help if she wants too, I'll still kick her ass! l8l> "

Nuff said on that situation.

And for improvising an childhoods, wish we all could have done that. XD Just go with the flow.
SpiritOfTheLeo Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Oooo, she's really pretty.
Cabbion Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
Thank you. C:
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